Learn about WeeHuggers™ Cloth Diapers
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easy to use

1 2 3 Our new weehuggers™ diaper covers are simple, reusable and waterproof with true leg gussets and adjustable snaps that allow them to grow with your baby.

This easy to use cover comes in your choice of snap closures or our unique, adorable mitten-shaped hook and loop closures. Both offer an adjustable, secure fit. The all new weehuggers™ covers are available in durable waterproof polyester solids and designer cotton prints in both baby and toddler sizes.

Pair our new covers with our absorbent bamboo inserts, cotton pre-folds, fitteds, or even biodegradable gDiaper inserts for a complete diapering solution.

Our covers feature stay-put bamboo/organic cotton flaps that insure your insert stays in place. The natural fibers gently wick moisture away from your babies' delicate skin.

made in america

WeeHuggers™ flagWe take pride in the fact that everything we sell is sewn with care by our friends and partners in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Our bamboo and certified organic cotton fabric is made in the USA and processed using GOTS organic finishing techniques.

absorbent bamboo

water dropNew weehuggers™ bamboo/organic cotton inserts are ultra-absorbent and ultra-flexible. Our extra long, foldable design makes these inserts quick to dry and easy to layer the absorbency where your baby needs it most.

reusable and sustainable

heartOf course cloth diapering is about more than the adorable styles and cost savings. It’s about our planet and our children’s future. Using (and reusing) cloth is a great way to reduce your contribution to landfills and deforestation.

Our choice of bamboo isn’t just because it’s super soft and ultra absorbent. It’s also one of the most sustainable fibers on the planet. Growing at an astonishing foot or more per day, bamboo thrives in virtually any condition without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Bamboo fabrics breathe, are naturally antibacterial and non-allergenic.

ConsiderWeeHuggers™ Cloth diapers

  • You would rather buy 5 dozen cute Cloth Diapers than 5 THOUSAND throw-away diapers over the course of your child's diapering years.
  • You'd like to save a few trees.
  • You'd like to save a few bucks.
  • You'd like to avoid diaper rashes and don't mind changing your baby's diaper as soon as they are wet.
  • You prefer natural & organic fabrics on your baby over paper that's been chlorine bleached (dioxins), perfumed, and stuffed with "sodium polyacrylate gel beads".
  • You'd like your child to potty train early. (A little known cloth diapering benefit)
  • You don't want to add to the 18 billion paper diapers that are thrown into landfills each year. (Fact: They take 400-500 years to decompose!)
  • You have a washer and dryer and you aren't bothered by an additional 2-3 loads of laundry a week. 
  • You don't want to contaminate local groundwater by adding soiled paper diapers into landfills.
  • You're looking for sustainable solutions like bamboo and organic cotton because you care about the environmental impact of the products you use.