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about Lisa

I came from TV production. Nickelodeon to be exact. I’m a big kid.

So why leave an exciting job working for SpongeBob? To raise a kid of my own, of course. My mom put me in cloth diapers, and my mom is pretty awesome, so I put our little munchkin in cloth from day one. Cloth is cool again!

The hugging hands design came to me in the middle of the night as a flash of pure cuteness and inspired the creation of the company and the weehuggers™ brand. Everything here is about making cloth diapering fun, from the design of our products to the experience on our website.

I really want to deliver the best cloth diapering experience possible, so please let me know how we’re doing and how you think we can do better. Thanks, and enjoy your weehuggers™.

Picture of WeeHuggers™ Lisa

Lisa Versaci Papola, founder, weehugg LLC